Nicolas Cage Returns In Low Budget Film 211

Most of us still go see Nicolas Cage’s embarrassing action movies for his strange improvisions. 211 is a cheesy and somewhat dull for a heist thriller. Cage seems to be more of a supporting character to a group of entry-level actors.

The film opens with a war profiteer being killed along with his squadron of local militia mercenaries by a group of 4 American soldiers that were stiffed on their payment. The American soldiers were told that some of the money was sent to a bank in the United States, so they set up a heist to collect their payment. This includes blowing up a restaurant mid-heist. This is when Cage, his partner, and their ride-along begin taking on fire. The amount of missed shots surprises me in most movies, but 211 takes it to a different level. It was as if the police, all the way up to Swat personnel were firing guns for the first time. 

To make it a bit more emotional, Cage’s character’s partner is his son-in-law who’s wife just that she was pregnant. The ride along is a young African-American kid in high school who is bullied often. He punched a bully in the restroom who was trying to shove his head into a toilet as a teacher walked in. This was probably one of the best parts of the movie due to the young man knocking the bully out with one punch.

Overall, the movie isn’t terrible. It has its moments, but there’s just too many cheesy moments to take it seriously. The soldiers attempting the heist are painted to have a huge escape plan but ultimately just dead sprint out the front doors of the bank and die shortly after. It’s as if they didn’t feel like putting much work into the ending.

My rating? 4/10